Has it really been one whole year, already? Early March 2016 and I was here. Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier, near Atlanta, Georgia. I come here once a year for this very special conference for adoptive and foster moms, Created for Care (C4C). Last year was my fifth C4C and a unique time in my journey. […]

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I can remember when, as a young lady in my early 20’s I first learned of some health issues that I had which might make it tricky for me to have biological children.  I was not yet married, b…

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How is it that God takes us to the ‘next step’ in our relationship with Him?   Prayer, Counsel, reading the Word – and a host of other ‘do’-s  come to mind.  But…. one thing I’m learning (again!) is that He often comes to us most vividly in times when we are in the midst of a crisis, dealing with the tyranny of the urgent, or simply so busy with ‘life’ — that all we can do is ask him to ‘meet us in the details’ —- or ‘give us grace for today’.     God will not only speak to us when we are silent, come quietly before Him, kneel, pray, and worship Him.   God WILL meet us right where we are at — even if ‘right where we are at’ is in the midst of caring for a sick family member or two … or trying to keep our business moving forward … or looking for work…. or dealing with a death in the family.   Abiding in Christ — means abiding… in the midst…. of LIFE.  🙂

Here are just a few ‘tidbits’ that I am convinced of — and try to remind myself of during times that are ‘less than ideal’ than I would like:

* God is not surprised by anything I am going through.

* He is here .. and He is not silent.

* Even when it seems He is silent —- He is still here.

* Assuming we will never be given a ‘cross’ that we cannot bear (by His Spirit and by His grace) — I need to press on — and leave the results of my faithfulness to Him.

If God is God —and He is in control —- then I can  look forward to looking back.   Hopefully, this will also encourage me along the way.

Finally — God is good –and … you can’t outgive the Lord.

I’m writing all this tonight because for the last few weeks — I’ve been experiencing a ‘stirring’ in my own soul.   God is there….and He is in the process of either bringing me through some challenges — or preparing me for others.  Maybe He is just reminding me of the fact that His grace truly IS sufficient for  me.   If that is the lesson learned…. so be it.

He is also reminding me to be focused in my efforts —– giving my time to that which deserves it most.  Looking for causes and convictions that I am willing to give my life for, mobilize others towards, speak out on behalf of….

There are simply not enough of us speaking out on behalf of the 147 million orphans out there.

That is definitely part of the stirring……. how might I mobilize others to go?  care for? adopt? support families who are adopting?  Be a part of a long-term solution to the crisis?  I’ve got a few ideas.   Drop me a line if you have any you’d like to share!

May God use this blog —- to help us find one more advocate for His kids…. …  🙂

Go go go.


On the edge of something big….
I’m noticing a trend in how churches are approaching short term missions that greatly encourages me. Utilizing short term missions as the ENTRY POINT to a life wholly committed to serving — and reaching the world. Particularly, in regards to orphan care and long-term committments to either a country — or often — even a particular orphanage. From these short term teams, blended with Long-term commitment –comes changed lives on every level. More will go, more will be adopted, and even those who ‘age out’ of the system will have a genuine shot at KNOWING they are loved, valued, and cared for — not only by their friends who visited once or twice a year…but also by their Father. In my estimation — orphan care as a necessary part of a churches’ missions plan — is right on the edge of a ‘tipping point’….. Ready? Set? —- Go!

It all began about 13 years ago…. my first date with a fellow student at seminary.  I was on my way to serve long-term internationally with Campus Crusade, she was finalizing her training to pursue a life-long dream (and calling) of serving as a chaplain.  We were having soup at a local eatery — and exchanging bits and pieces about our families, our classes, and …. how we both were very interested in the prospect of adoption to (someday) grow our family. 

Long story short — we were married about 10 years ago … and in July will celebrate our 3rd anniversary of ‘gotcha day’ with our son Liu.

My experience in ministry first with Campus Crusade and later directing STM for a denomination for about 5 years gave me opportunity to serve in over 40 countries around the world, usually leading teams, or setting up strategic partnerships for those already serving on the field.  However, very little of that exposure involved direct contact with any of the 147 million orphans in need of resources, care, and a family.

I’ve got a few ideas for this blog.   First of all, I’m a student.  I’m learning more about the cause of the orphan with each passing day.

Secondly — I am father to a (previously) abandoned child.  The more I learn about where he came from, the better equipped I will be to help him get to where the Lord wants him.

Finally — my passion in ministry has always been connecting people with opportunities to serve, and mobilizing the church to pursue their ‘next step’ in helping to reach the world.   How might these new passions affect the ‘old’ ones?  What is my next step along this long road of obedience? 

I dunno.  But I’m looking forward to looking back……  🙂   Lemme know if you’d like to be one of my teachers!  More to come. 


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